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Modern Trial Advocacy: Analysis and Practice, Sixth Edition

  • Steven Lubet
  • J.C. Lore
Series / NITA
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From the moment it was released nearly thirty years ago, Modern Trial Advocacy has been the go-to textbook of law professors from coast to coast, offering a sophisticated, theory-driven approach to advocacy training that distinguishes it from all other books in the field.

Authors Steven Lubet and J.C. Lore have updated this modern classic by merging it with features of the law school edition, creating an invaluable reference for litigators and trial lawyers at every stage in their career. This all-inclusive edition introduces handy checklists and a chapter on trial basics, as well as new research on juror perception and decision making, cross-examination techniques to use when discovery is limited, and exclusive online materials, including demonstration videos, that will enhance your acquisition of skills.

Now that the remote practice of law has become a part of our system of justice, readers will find the skills taught in these pages as applicable to online trial preparation and hearings (and even, perhaps, to the future of trials) as they are in face-to-face litigation. As NITA’s bestselling text since 1993, Modern Trial Advocacy remains the gold standard in advocacy treatises.

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Sixth Edition
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