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Cases, Problems, and Materials on Contracts, Ninth Edition

  • Douglas J. Whaley
  • David Horton
Series / Aspen Casebook Series
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The Ninth Edition of Cases, Problems, and Materials on Contracts by Douglas J. Whaley and David Horton features classic cases, new developments, and thought-provoking problems to help students master contract law.

Cases, Problems, and Materials on Contracts is known for pioneering the problem method of law school teaching. A staple in classrooms for decades, it stands out from other texts in the scope of coverage and its use of short, carefully constructed Problems to expose students to new concepts, reinforce what they have just learned, and stimulate thought. The Ninth Edition is more accessible than ever. It introduces complicated issues with a clear narrative summary or explicit statement of black-letter law. The cases have been tightly edited for the best effect. And as always, answers to the Problems appear in the Teacher’s Manual. The book can also be easily adapted to fit various pedagogical needs. Although it starts with “Agreement” and moves to “Consideration,” it is also designed for teachers who prefer to begin with “Consideration” or “Remedies.” It can be used in courses that both include and exclude sales. Finally, because it is shorter than most of its rivals, it works in 4-unit, 5-unit, and 6-unit courses. 

New to the 9th Edition:

  • Cases have been further streamlined and edited for clarity.  
  • Expanded use of student-friendly introductions to complex material.  
  • Greater emphasis on recent decisions that involve issues to which students can relate.

Professors and students will benefit from: 

  • The book covers the basics of Contracts Law in a format that allows greater exposure to the legal concepts through the many problems that fill each chapter alongside the most illustrative cases on point. 
  • The Assessment multiple-choice questions at the end of each chapter are meatier than such questions in most books, focusing not on the “right answer” so much as on what real attorneys must consider when confronted with the issues presented. 
  • Indeed, the whole book is written not just to teach the rules of law but to train the students to be lawyers faced with commercial issues. For example, Problems sometimes ask students whether they would be committing malpractice if they took a certain course of conduct, an issue very much on the mind of actual attorneys but seldom mentioned in law school classrooms.
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About the authors
Douglas Whaley

Douglas Whaley is a Professor of Law Emeritus at The Ohio State University. He is the author of seven casebooks, all published by Aspen, three Gilbert#39;s Summaries of the Law, numerous law review articles, and one novel. He has received nine awards from three law schools for outstanding teaching. The columns he writes for this website are mostly adapted from his popular blog:

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Ninth Edition
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