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Contracts: A Modern Coursebook, Third Edition

  • Ben Templin
  • David H. Spratt
Series / Aspen Casebook Series
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This practical, student-centered text is a hybrid between traditional and problem-based casebooks. The coursebook provides a thorough discussion of rules, classic and contemporary cases, and an abundance of problems. Applying best practices in learning theory and textbook design, Contracts: A Modern Coursebook builds critical thinking skills faster and more efficiently traditional casebooks. 

New to the 3rd Edition:  

  • Optimized Flexibility Modular and easy to customize content adaptable to one- or two-semesters
  • Increased Focus on Problem Solving Build critical thinking skills faster and more efficiently
  • Additional Examples for Challenging Concepts Increased attention on Parol Evidence, Consideration, Remedies, UCC §2-207, and Conditions
  • Expanded Multiple Choice Questions Provides increased options for assessment
  • Additional Graphics Helps students understand and organize concepts 
  • Improved Design Boosts student engagement
  • New Chapter Sequence Reflects adopters’ feedback
  • New Cases and Case Illustrations Highlight contemporary contracts doctrine
Professors and Students will benefit from:
  • Clear and Concise Explanations of the Law 
    • Rules Precise and concise explanations cover the Restatement (2nd) of Contracts, common law, and UCC. No rules supplements needed.
    • Analytic Frameworks Assist in understanding and applying elements of the rules.  
    • Case Illustrations and Examples Explain how rules work in practice.
    • Flowcharts and Graphics Appeal to visual learners.
    • Test Yourself Questions Embedded exercises within the explanation section let students assess their understanding of the rules. 
  • Classic and Contemporary Cases in Various Formats
    • Case Illustrations Concise examples illustrate application of the rules. 
    • Case Law Edited full opinions provide opportunities for Socratic dialog. Question prompts engage, build critical reasoning skills, and assist in class prep. Instead of spending class time extracting rules, professors can develop analytic skills and encourage students to apply law to new scenarios or hypos - a process that improves outcomes on exams.
    • Case Briefs. Traditional case briefs emphasize contracts doctrine.
  • Over 500 Questions & Problems 
    • Questions for Review Multiple choice questions test students understanding of the rules and can be used as a pre- or in-class assessment or for student's self-assessment.
    • Problem Solving and Analysis Problems based cases and examples build critical thinking skills through a series of thought-provoking hypotheticals based on real-world scenarios. These questions provide opportunities for formative feedback in line with ABA standards.
  • Higher Satisfaction Rates. Adopters report their effectiveness in the classroom and student satisfaction rates improved dramatically with use of this coursebook.
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About the authors
Ben Templin
Thomas Jefferson School of Law

Professor Templin primarily teaches contracts, business associations, and remedies at Thomas Jefferson School of Law. Professor Templin’s work for Aspen Publishing also includes various study aids for contracts including a href="https:www.aspenpublishing.compp-contracts"PracticePerfect Contractsa and emLaw in a Flash Contractsem. Professor Templin also taught as a visiting professor at Mercer University School of Law and University of North Dakota School of Law as well as in summer abroad programs in Nice, France and Hangzhou, China. Professor Templin’s scholarly research currently focuses on contracts and contemporary law school pedagogy. Professor Templin’s early scholarship focused on public policy issues for topics ranging from social security reform to rule of law issues in China and the expression of the law in fine art. Prior to going to law school, Professor Templin had a 15-year career in magazine publishing, working primarily as an editor for print and electronic media for computer magazines.

David H. Spratt
American University, Washington College of Law

David H. Spratt is a professor at American University, Washington College of Law, where he teaches Contracts, Legal Rhetoric, and Family Law Litigation and Practice.& David received a B.A. degree in Government and Psychology from The College of William and Mary and graduated summa cum laude from The American University, Washington College of Law. Before joining WCL as a full-time faculty member in Fall 2006, David taught Legal Writing and Research at the George Washington University School of Law, Legal Analysis and Writing at Concord School of Law, and Legal Methods at the Washington College of Law. David is a member of the Virginia and District of Columbia bars, and he is an active participant in state, local, and national bar associations and organizations. He is a past chair of the Virginia Bar Association, Domestic Relations Section and the Northern Virginia Regional Advisory Committee. In the past, he has moderated andor presented continuing legal education programs on attorney impairment, vocational rehabilitation experts, defined duration support, imputation of income, amendments to the Virginia child support statute, legal ethics, legal writing, academic support, research and citation, the use of electronic evidence in litigation and family law cases, and child custody evaluations. In 2001, David was a founding partner of Schwartz & Spratt, PLC, a family law firm in Fairfax, Virginia. Previously, David worked as an associate at the Law Office of Betty A. Thompson, Ltd., and at The Lewis Law Firm, in Washington, D.C. Professor Spratt writes a regular column, “Writer’s Block,” for the Virginia Bar Association News Journal. In January 2013, David was appointed to the Virginia State Bar Section on Education of Lawyers Task Force on Legal Writing and planned and implemented a Legal Writing Bootcamp for practicing Virginia attorneys, which now continues annually. David served as the Civil Reporter of Decisions for the Virginia Court of Appeals for more than three years, stepping down in October 2021, and he currently serves as the Chair of the Virginia State Bar Section on Education of Lawyers. David is the 2021 Recipient of the Washington College of Law Excellence in Teaching Award.

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