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Examples & Explanations for Property, Seventh Edition

  • Barlow Burke
  • Joseph Snoe
Series / Examples & Explanations Series
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This book is for a Property student’s use both before and after class, and it also summarizes the fundamentals of property law in preparation for a final examination, including the Bar Exam. Its text is based on the casebooks on Property in widespread use in this country, with its subjects arranged in the order in which they are typically presented.

New to the 7th Edition:

  • Many more in-text Examples in Part IV, Transfers of Land, Chapters 21-25
  • New text on new forms of real estate brokerage, Chapter 21
  • Many more in-text Examples in Part VI, Chapters 31-32
  • An updated text on the United States Supreme Court’s takings cases, Chapter 34

Professors and students will benefit from:

  • A focus on examination questions after each Chapter
  • In-text Examples to investigate features of each Chapter’s text as each Chapter presents them
  • A presentation of areas of the law only referenced in class
  • Better preparation for class
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Seventh Edition
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