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Criminal Procedure: From the Courtroom to the Street, Third Edition

  • Roger Wright
Series / Aspen Criminal Justice Series
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A criminal justice text that prepares students for real-world decision making

Preparing the student for a career in criminal justice, Criminal Procedure: From the Courtroom to the Street, Third Edition provides an integrated understanding of legal theory, procedure, and practice. Drawing on author Roger Wright’s extensive experience as a police officer and practicing criminal defense attorney, the thoroughly updated Third Edition not only teaches the law but also offers students an understanding of how the law is applied in the field and in the courtroom.

New to the Third Edition:

  • New sections on: 
    • Administrative Law in Chapter 1.
    • Point of Arrest in Chapter 5, including Torres v. Madrid.
    • Hot Pursuit of Misdemeanor Suspect in Chapter 5.
    • Reasonable Suspicion for Traffic Violations in Chapter 6.
    • Search Warrants, Probable Cause for Search, and No-knock Warrants in Chapter 8.
    • Timing of the Warnings in Chapter 11, including Missouri v. Seibert.
    • Right to Confrontation in Chapter 14.
    • Unanimous Jury Verdicts in Chapter 14.
    • Whether a defendant can consent to a separate trial in Chapter 15.
    • "Multiple Occasions" Under Habitual Criminal Laws in Chapter 18, including Wooden v. United States.

Professors and students will benefit from:

  • Readable text is focused on the legal decision-making skills needed when making an arrest, collecting evidence, or conducting an interrogation.
  • Key appellate cases are presented in a straightforward style to convey a practical understanding of criminal procedure.
  • On the Street hypotheticals exemplify the decisions and actions of criminal justice professionals in a variety of scenarios.
  • Something to Ponder questions encourage critical thinking about the concepts and issues.
  • Logically organized topic areas that are pertinent to the actual work of criminal justice professionals: 
    • Section I provides an overview of the criminal justice process.
    • Section II covers search and seizure.
    • Section III surveys the issues surrounding the spoken word as evidence.
    • Section IV delves into several constitutional issues that impact how criminal procedure unfolds in the courtroom.
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About the authors
Roger Wright
University of Cincinnati

Roger Wright is a Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Cincinnati. He earned his Juris Doctorate from Chase College of Law and his Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Memphis State University. He has also attended law school at Oxford University in England. Prior to coming to UC in 1984, he was a law partner with Walter and Wright. He has also served as a police officer in Memphis, Tennessee and has additional experience in juvenile corrections. Professor Wright is primarily responsible for legal courses such as Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure. He also teaches Police Community Relations and Managing Conflict and Assaultive Behavior. Professor Wright also serves as the mentor for the doctoral teaching assistants and adjuncts who teach undergraduate courses. He has provided training and promotional exams for many local law enforcement agencies. He has received the the University College Teaching Award and most recently was honored at the University of Cincinnati Order of Omega Professor of the Year. He also plays guitar like a madman.

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Criminal Procedure
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