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Women and Policing in America: Classic and Contemporary Readings, Seventh Edition

  • Kimberly D. Hassell
  • Carol A. Archbold
  • Dorothy Moses Schulz
Series / Aspen Criminal Justice Series
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Virtually unique in the field, Women and Policing in America deals with women as criminal justice professionals, rather than as victims or perpetrators. It is the only coursebook offering a diverse selection of peer-reviewed articles devoted to women in American policing. With comprehensive, accessible chapter introductions by co-authors who are among the most authoritative and respected professionals in the field, Women and Policing in America will become a foundational text for this rapidly growing area of research, college study and employment.

Hallmark features of Women and Policing in America:

Foundational, peer-reviewed articles on provocative topics, including:

    • Tribal policing.
    • Minority female officers.
    • Lesbian officers.
    • Police women in administrative roles.
    • Affirmative action, unions, and female police employment.
    • Use of force.
    • Gender and stress.
    • Diverse readings cover the chronology of and context for:
      • Issues spanning the entire arc of a female police officer's career.
      • Developments affecting women in American policing.
      • History of women in policing--from the first police matrons to today's female police chiefs.
    • Comprehensive, accessible chapter introductions by authoritative co-authors place readings in context.
    • Challenging, engaging overviews of each topic.
    • Extensive reference lists, suggested readings, and areas for future research.

    • Chapter 1. The History of Women in Policing
    • Chapter 2. Hiring, Training, Retention, and Promotion
    • Chapter 3 The Police Role and the Acceptance of Women in Policing
    • Chapter 4. Workplace Experiences of Women in Policing
    • Chapter 5. Police Practices: Women on Patrol
    • Chapter 6. The Future of Women in Policing

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About the authors
Kimberly D. Hassell

Dr. Kimberly D. Hassell (Ph.D., University of Nebraska-Omaha, 2005) is an Associate Professor in the Department of Criminal Justice at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. Dr. Hassell teaches both graduate and undergraduate courses including Police and the Multicultural Community; Women and Policing; Race, Crime and Criminal Justice; Criminal Court Systems; and Introduction to Criminal Justice. Research interests include police organizational behavior, police decision-making, racialethnic minorities and the criminal justice system, and women in policing. Dr. Hassell has participated in several studies of police behavior, studying such issues as organizational culture, police behavior, complaints of police misconduct, workplace climate, promotional issues, among others. She has published articles in professional journals, including Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies and Management, Police Quarterly and Journal of Criminal Justice. She is the author of two books: Police Organizational Cultures and Patrol Practices. Dr. Hassell currently serves on the Editorial Advisory Board for Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies and Management. She is also a frequent presenter at the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, American Society of Criminology and Midwestern Criminal Justice Association conferences. Her current research projects include a study of problem-oriented policing in a small, Midwestern city, juveniles#39; perceptions of the police, and sexual assault case processing by police investigators in a large, municipal police department.

Carol A. Archbold

Carol A. Archbold is an Associate Professor in the Department of Criminal Justice and Political Science at North Dakota State University in Fargo, ND. Her research interests include women in policing, police liability and accountability, police processing of sexual assault cases, and issues related to race and the criminal justice system. She has published several journal articles in Police Quarterly, Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies and Management, Journal of Criminal Justice, and the Journal of Crime and Justice. Dr. Archbold conducted the first study on the use of risk management by police agencies in the United States. This study is featured in her book Police Accountability, Risk Management and Legal Advising (LFB Scholarly Publishing, New York, NY, 2004). Dr. Archbold is currently writing Introduction to Policing: A TextReader which will be included in the Criminology Criminal Justice TextReader series for Sage Publications in 2012. In addition, she is currently working on several research projects including a study of the processing of sexual assault cases by police officers; a study focused on the career paths of female chiefs of police on universitycollege campuses; and evaluations of a domestic violence program and a sexual abuse program for elementary children.

Dorothy Moses Schulz

Dorothy Moses Schulz, Ph.D., a professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice (CUNY), teaches courses in law enforcement, police management, police history, and women in policing. She is the author of From Social Worker to Crimefighter: Women in United States Municipal Policing (Praeger, 1995) and Breaking the Brass Ceiling: Women Police Chiefs Their Paths to The Top (Praeger, 2004). A retired police captain, she is a life member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) and the International Association of Women Police (IAWP). She has worked with the Federal Transit Administration (U.S. Department of Transportation) on developing procedures and guidelines for security for new rail systems and for those extending their existing transit systems. She has also worked with the FTA to develop audit procedures for transit agencies and on updating policies for threat assessments and safety and security management. Dr. Schulz has written on issues in transit policing, including in 2010-2011 the use of video surveillance technology by transit agencies as part of their policing and risk management strategies. She has published widely on historical and current issues involving women in law enforcement in such journals as Police Quarterly, Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies and Management, New York History, and Women Criminal Justice and has spoken before numerous academic and professional groups throughout the United States, in Canada, Great Britain, and Australia.

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Gender and the Law
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