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White Collar and Corporate Crime: A Case Study Approach

  • Laura Pinto Hansen
Series / Aspen Criminal Justice Series
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This timely and engaging text introduces the key topics in White Collar Crime, while providing an overview of both organizational and criminological theory. Throughout the text, Law in the Real World examples and in-depth Case Studies offer the opportunity to apply the theoretical to actual situations. Throughout the text, experienced author Laura Pinto Hansen discusses the cultural and structural reasons for why white collar crime happens, even in the most regulated of industries, including financial markets and medicine. White Collar and Corporate Crime: A Case Study Approach provides the perfect introduction to the world of white collar crime.

Professors and students will benefit from:

  • Law in the Real World feature explores both well-known and lesser known examples of white collar crime, providing exposure to a wide variety of crimes in an understandable context. Discussion questions encourage students to analyze these examples in more depth.
  • Case Studies provide an opportunity to dive deeper into a single white collar crime case related to the specific chapter.
  • Broad coverage of a wide range of topics in a readable and engaging style. Chapters include chapter objectives, a glossary of key terms, and chapter summaries to help students understand new concepts.
  • An introductory chapter that familiarizes students with how organizations are supposed to work, in theory, if they plan on functioning within legal boundaries.
  • Coverage of the role of social networks in white collar crime, including its theory and terminology and use in criminal investigations in Chapter 3
  • Examination of the intersection of cybercrime and white collar crime in Chapter 7
  • Timely coverage, including the recent impeachment proceedings and effects of COVID-19
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Criminal Justice, Introduction , White Collar Crime
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