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Constitutional Law in Criminal Justice, Third Edition

  • Tina M. Fielding Fryling
Series / Aspen Criminal Justice Series
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Practitioner and Educator, Tina Fryling Presents a Pragmatic and Accessible Approach to Constitutional Law for Criminal Justice Students 

Constitutional Law in Criminal Justice, Third Edition presents the constitutional provisions most directly related to criminal law and procedure and demonstrates their daily impact on the attitudes, capabilities, events, and responses of legal professionals in policing, courtrooms, and federal agencies. The U.S. Constitution guides every facet of the investigation of crime and of threats to public safety and national security. To further readers’ understanding of the nature of these procedures, this book examines both the Constitution’s relevant provisions and the central developments in their interpretation by the Supreme Court and other U.S. courts. Vivid examples of the situations faced by practitioners on a daily basis bring the complexities of criminal law to life. 

New to the Third Edition:  

  • Expanded discussions of strict scrutiny, stop and frisk, cell phone privacy, the Strickland Test, and First Amendment protections in social media and campaign financing. 
  • New cases cover: 
    • the interpretation of the attempt to restrain an individual as a seizure (Torres v. Madrid
    • searches based on “common sense” and making a “logical inference” (Kansas v. Glover
    • hot pursuit and entry into a building (Lange v. California
    • the “community caretaking exception” to the Fourth Amendment (Caniglia v. Strom
    • the Establishment Clause and schools (Kennedy v. Bremerton School District and Carson v. Makin
    • the primacy of Second Amendment rights (New York State Rifle and Pistol Ass’n. v. Bruen
  • New scenarios for “You Be the Judge” and featured cases. 

Professors and students will benefit from: 

  • “You Be the Judge” feature encourages students to consider all sides of an issue and broaden their understanding of the complexities of constitutional law in the criminal justice context. 
  • Brief summaries of landmark Supreme Court cases provide essential information and insight. 
  • The relevant constitutional amendments are covered in terms of both their historical basis and their interpretation and application today. 
  • Clear writing speaks to a wide range of readers’ interests, perspectives, and preparation; the text is accessible to both majors and nonmajors in courses at all levels. 
  • Written by a practicing attorney who has litigated the issues, the text is authentic, current, approachable, and practical. 
  • Comprehensive information on the complexities of constitutional law relates to daily practice by courts, law enforcement, and other criminal justice professionals. 
  • The text is further enhanced by: 
    • A logical structure and conceptual focus 
    • Learning Objectives and key term lists in each chapter 
    • Stimulating questions in each chapter to test and assess student understanding
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Constitutional Law
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