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California Family Law, Ninth Edition

  • Marshall W. Waller
  • Ryan C. Waller
Series / Aspen Paralegal Series
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Comprehensive, practical, and accessible, California Family Law by Waller and Waller speaks to the needs of a wide range of users: paralegals and paralegal students, law students, and practitioners.
Focused squarely on the California Family Code, California Family Law integrates statutory law and judicial interpretation into a cohesive, general discussion of all aspects of the state's family law. Its practical, straightforward approach is designed to teach students the basics, and powerful pedagogy makes it stand apart from most books on California Law. Chapter Overviews and Summaries, exercises, Key Terms, hypotheticals, and a glossary combine with examples of all the key Judicial Council forms used in the practice of family law in California. Comprehensive coverage explores all the key topics and developments in this constantly evolving area of the law. California Family Law has long had a broad appeal for law school courses and law offices as well as paralegal programs. Teachers and students at all levels appreciate the carefully constructed pedagogy, while all users value the integration of statutory law and judicial interpretation in a practical, comprehensive approach.

New to the Ninth Edition:
With this ninth edition, the authors of California Family Law introduce hypothetical essay questions to help students test their understanding of each chapter's central concepts. Moreover, a new, final chapter with additional hypotheticals helps students prepare for their final exam. The chapter ends with discussions of all the hypotheticals in the book, so that students may compare their answers.

Professors and students will benefit from:

  • Focus on the California Family Code, including integrating statutory law and judicial interpretation, and providing a cohesive discussion of all aspects of family law.
  • Powerful pedagogy that surpasses most books on California law, including chapter overviews and summaries, exercises, key terms, glossary and more.
  • Helpful features such as chapter overviews and summaries, exercises, key terms, and more.
  • Key forms that students will encounter in practice.
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Ninth Edition
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Family Law
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