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Practical Environmental Law, Second Edition

  • Laurel A. Vietzen
Series / Aspen Paralegal Series
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Practical Environmental Law is a comprehensive, practical introduction to environmental law written exclusively for paralegal students. The concise, well-written text focuses on a broad understanding of the sources of environmental law and offers students numerous practical exercises as well as concrete methods for researching the law. It also includes methods for conducting due diligence in real estate transactions, a real-world concern of paralegals and a topic ignored by other textbooks.

The Second Edition offers thoroughly updated exercises, websites, government forms and laws, and includes a new chapter on mining law.


  • Accessible, practical approach to environmental law, specifically designed for the paralegal student.
  • Comprehensive coverage includes the basics of the judicial concepts, policies, agencies and institutions that shape environmental law.
  • A brief overview of legal research and how it applies to environmental law.
  • Intuitive organization starts with the implementation and sources of Environmental Law and moves on to specific statutes.
  • Emphasis on conducting due diligence in real estate transactions, a real-world concern of paralegals and a topic no other book addresses.
  • Engaging hands-on assignments, exercises and website resources teach students how to research local laws and access vital information.
  • Strong pedagogical features reinforce the material, including crossword puzzles, key terms, review questions, and practice exercises.
  • Features employment opportunities and ethical issues.

Thoroughly updated, the revised Second Edition includes:

  • New chapter on mining law

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