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Law and the Legal System: An Introduction to Law and Legal Studies in the United States, Third Edition

  • Thomas R. Van Dervort
  • David L. Hudson
Series / Aspen Paralegal Series
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Designed to teach the basics needed to prepare students for any role in the legal system, Law and the Legal System engages students through the use of examples and practical applications of legal principles. Whether they are interested in pursuing legal careers as lawyers or paralegals, or political science careers, or criminal justice interests, students are provided a basic understanding of the law and how to find it. Mock trial experiences are encouraged, and each chapter involves the student in exercises that review understanding of legal terms and concepts. Six cases in an appendix illustrate basic concepts, and hypothetical cases showcase the inner workings of the judicial system in both criminal and civil cases. Internet sources, key terms, case excerpts, research assignments, review exercises and discussion questions help students reinforce the key concepts in each chapter, and suggested activities engage students in discovery projects.

Thoroughly updated, the revised Third Edition expands coverage with new chapters on Legal Research and Writing, Tort Law, Contract Law, Family Law, Employment Law, and Equal Protection Law. Careful updating of information throughout the book includes refreshed Internet references to the text.

Hallmark features of An Introduction to Law and Legal Studies in the United States:

  • Solid overview of the system of law and government
  • Readability, accessibility
  • Provides the basics for any role in the legal system
    • lawyer or paralegal career
    • political science or criminal justice work
  • Practical applications to engage students with legal principles
    • mock trial experiences encouraged
    • chapter exercises review legal terms and concepts
    • activities engage students in discovery projects
  • Five part structure, comprehensive coverage
    • Basic Legal Concepts
    • Substantive Civil Law
    • Civil Law Procedure
    • Criminal Law Procedure
    • Administrative Due Process
  • Six cases illustrate major basic concepts
  • Explains difficult legal concepts in a reader-friendly format
  • Hypothetical cases reveal workings of judicial system in both criminal and civil cases
  • Differentiates civil, criminal, and administrative due process
  • Discusses history as well as contemporary state of law and current controversies
  • Pedagogically rich
    • Internet sources
    • key terms
    • case excerpts
    • research assignments
    • review exercises
    • discussion questions

Thoroughly updated, the revised Third Edition presents:

  • New chapters
    • Legal Research and Writing
    • Tort Law
    • Contract Law
    • Family Law
    • Employment Law
    • Equal Protection Law
  • Updated Internet references
  • New material, brought completely up-to-date

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Third Edition
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Introduction to Law
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