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Cases and Materials on Employment Discrimination, Tenth Edition

  • Charles A. Sullivan
  • Stephanie Bornstein
  • Michael J. Zimmer
Series / Aspen Casebook Series
Teaching Materials

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The Tenth Edition of the best-selling Cases and Materials on Employment Discriminationwelcomes a new co-author, Stephanie Bornstein, whose contributions are reflected throughout. Like earlier editions, the tenth edition blends cases, notes, and problems into an integrated pedagogy that balances scholarly and practice perspectives. The authors build a conceptual framework for understanding how discrimination is defined in theory and proven in litigation. The text allows professors to explore particular interests more deeply and permits them to contrast a litigation approach with compliance, investigation, and counseling perspectives characteristic of modern employment law practice. The broad coverage integrates scholarship with legal doctrine. The useful Statutory Supplement is available for separate purchase.

New to the Tenth Edition:

  • Bostock v. Clayton County (prohibiting sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination as discrimination “because of sex”)
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe School v. Morrisey-Berru (expanding Title VII’s “ministerial exception”)
  • Comcast Corp. v. Nat’l Ass’n of African American Owned Media (holding no mixed motive proof allowed under Section 1981)
  • Expanded discussion of causation in the wake of Bostock, including Comcast and Babb v. Wilkie (on federal sector ADEA claims)
  • Expanded and updated materials on Critical Race Theory
  • Expanded and updated materials on gender discrimination and sex stereotyping, including sexual orientation, gender identity, and caregiver discrimination
  • Expanded coverage of pay discrimination and the Equal Pay Act

Professors and student will benefit from:

  • An integrated pedagogy that balances scholarly and practice perspectives
  • A conceptual framework that shows how discrimination is defined and proven in litigation
  • A design that allows teachers to shift between litigation approaches and compliance, investigation, and counseling perspectives
  • Integration of scholarship with legal doctrine
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Employment Discrimination
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