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Arbitration: Practice, Policy, and Law, First Edition

  • Thomas J. Stipanowich
  • Amy J. Schmitz
Series / Aspen Casebook Series
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Arbitration: Practice, Policy, and Law provides students with a practice-based approach that helps them apply legal concepts under the Federal Arbitration Act and other laws, and better identify the value of arbitration practice and procedures. This casebook provides vivid examples from actual cases, literature, and current media. It also offers diverse readings by leading authors, along with comprehensive attention to prominent developments in the field and access to video interviews of 100 arbitrators and leading arbitration scholars. The text integrates coverage of law, ethics, and practice, as well as interesting notes, thoughtful problems, and provocative questions. It includes all the coverage of arbitration found in Resolving Disputes, the survey text.

Professors and students will benefit from:

  • Strong authorship, from leading scholar-practitioners at the two #1 law schools in Dispute Resolution—Pepperdine and Ohio State University.
  • A practice-based approach that helps students apply concepts, including realistic roleplays, exercises, and problems that facilitate classroom discussion.
  • Concise content, with organization and readings designed to support a class that considers law in the context of practice, instead of solely focusing on law – as is common with most arbitration casebooks.
  • Informal writing style, interesting examples, practical advice, and thought-provoking questions, all written specifically for law students who will soon represent clients in resolving disputes.
  • A variety of carefully designed, skills-oriented exercises on negotiating and drafting arbitration and dispute resolution procedures, conducting and managing arbitration processes, and deliberating and drafting arbitration awards.
  • Unique attention to technology, and the role is now plays in modern arbitration practice.
  • Discrete treatment of arbitration practice in business-to-business settings and consumer or employment scenarios.
  • Access to 100 interviews with arbitration leaders.
  • An overview of the many forms of arbitration, and the flexibility inherent in arbitration as a consensual dispute resolution process.
  • Unique treatment of mixed mode scenarios involving forms of interplay between arbitration and mediation or negotiation.
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