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Business Organizations: Cases, Problems, and Case Studies, Fifth Edition

  • D. Gordon Smith
  • Cynthia A. Williams
  • Sung Eun (Summer) Kim
Series / Aspen Casebook Series
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This book offers a current, and engaging approach to the study of business and business law by combining recent and classic cases, cutting edge topics, and problems-based learning.

Reflecting ongoing changes in the structure and regulation of modern business practice, Business Organizations: Cases, Problems, and Context offers a unique combination of doctrine, problems, and case studies. This book utterly avoids frustrating questions that students can’t answer and professors don’t want to spend class time answering. Recent, high-interest cases are balanced against classic teaching chestnuts. Brief, innovative problems are used throughout. Recent Delaware Supreme Court decisions and a collaborative community of users support a clear and sustained examination of the role and purview of the law in business transactions.

New to the Fifth Edition:  

  • New introductory chapter discussing the implications of emerging technologies, environmental and sustainability trends, and stakeholderism on business law
  • New textual coverage of corporate board diversity, increased virtual shareholder meetings in the Covid-19 pandemic, and resurgence of Caremark claims
  • Additions of new cases, including Marchand v. Barnhill, AmerisourceBergen Corp. v. Lebanon County Employees’ Retirement Fund, and In Re Williams Companies Stockholder Litigation
  • Shorter cases, and the case studies from prior editions pulled into a separate volume


Professors and students will benefit from:

  • an engaging introductory chapter that introduces how emerging technologies (blockchain, smart contracts, and artificial intelligence) and sustainability goals are transforming the organization and governance of business entities  
  • a discriminating selection of fresh cases and classics  
  • in-depth coverage of how the law applies to modern business structures (such as joint ventures, venture capital arrangements, franchises, and new limited liability business forms) as well as growth industries  
  • short problems after selected topics give students practice applying the legal principles covered in that section
  • hybrid entities treated in detail, including a separate chapter on limited liability companies
  • a companion volume of case studies styled on the B-school model that provide opportunities for in-depth analysis of the law in business transactions


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Business Organizations
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