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Evidence: Cases, Commentary, and Problems, Fifth Edition

  • David Alan Sklansky
  • Andrea L. Roth
Series / Aspen Casebook Series
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A flexible and engaging casebook, Evidence: Cases, Commentary, and Problems focuses on core concepts and central controversies in evidence law, presented through tightly edited cases, stimulating commentary from a wide range of perspectives, and carefully crafted problems. The Fifth Edition, while as streamlined and teachable as its predecessors, includes excerpts from more than fifty new cases and twenty new articles, fresh problems and enhanced editorial material, and three entirely new sections: one on machine-generated proof, one on digital forensics, and one on authenticating electronic evidence. There is new, up-to-date material on sexual assault cases, DNA evidence, social science evidence, privileges, judicial notice, hearsay, confrontation, “other crimes” evidence, and other key topics.

New to the Fifth Edition:

  • New sections on machine-generated proof, digital forensics, and authenticating electronic evidence
  • New materials on confrontation and hearsay, character evidence in sexual assault and child molestation cases, DNA evidence, social science evidence, “other crimes” evidence, and other key topics
  • Excerpts from more than 50 new cases and 20 new articles
  • New problems and editorial material throughout

Professors and students will benefit from:

  • Flexible structure that allows the book to be taught cover-to-cover in a four-unit, one-semester class, but also can be abridged or rearranged to suit course length and instructor’s preferences.
  • Comprehensive coverage with a wide range of perspectives.
  • Text that is written with clarity and concision and includes well-selected and tightly edited cases.
  • A balanced mix of cases, commentary, and problems covering relevance, hearsay, character evidence, impeachment, privilege, expert testimony, and authentication.
  • Well-written introductory materials that identify key issues, important distinctions, and common sources of confusion.
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