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Glannon Guide to Contracts: Learning Contracts Through Multiple- Choice Questions and Analysis, Fourth Edition

  • Theodore Silver
Series / Glannon Guides Series
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Thoroughly teaching all legal terrain through which your first-year contracts course will lead you, the Fourth Edition of The Glannon Guide to Contracts will stand by your side as a constant course companion. Its user-friendly style, its stories, its scenarios, and its illustrations, make contract law come alive, turning your course into an adventure of intellectual fun as, meanwhile, you learn the law of first-year contracts--all of it.

Like all Glannon Guides, this book is interactive; it's replete with multiple choice problems--one after another, after another--each one requiring that you take hold of human dealings and events and apply to them the law you've learned, with each problem followed by elaborate analyses as to why--exactly why--the right answers are right, and why--exactly why--the wrong ones are wrong. For the first-year law student, The Glannon Guide to Contracts cuts a clear and lighted path from the first day of class to the final exam.

New to the Fourth Edition:
  • Discussion of the Supreme Court overruling of Roe v. Wade
  • Revisions and updates to the examples throughout
Professors and students will benefit from:
  • A friendly, engaging teaching style that quickly draws students close to the subject of contracts.
  • Exhaustive coverage of all first-year contract law
  • Multiple choice problems and analyses that unceasingly put the students' learning to the test to shore up and sharpen their mastery of the law and its application
  • Suitability to professors' diverse organization of their syllabi, whether they begin their courses with contract formation, consideration, or remedies
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