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Legal and Ethical Aspects of International Business, Second Edition

  • Scott J. Shackelford
  • Anjanette H. Raymond
  • Eric L. Richards
Series / Business Law Series
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Effective managers must accurately assess the legal and ethical ramifications of complex business transactions. This requires familiarity with the basic principles of comparative and international law, including trade, and an understanding of the importance of culturally diverse ethical traditions in all business relationships. Legal and Ethical Aspects of International Business is your authoritative guide to the law and ethics of business leadership in the global market. It provides the vehicle for today’s and tomorrow’s managers to successfully navigate the legal and ethical environment of business around the world.

New to the Second Edition:

  • This new edition constitutes a substantial reorganization from the first edition. In particular, the text is now composed of four parts:
    • Part One, Public International Law and Business Ethics
    • Part Two, Global Contracting and Resolution of Private Disputes
    • Part Three, Import and Export Law
    • Part Four, Protecting Ideas, Individuals and Infrastructure
  • The new edition also includes updated cases and new issues, including cybersecurity and sustainability.

Professors and student will benefit from:

  • Well-selected and well-edited cases in each chapter help foster discussions.
  • Finely crafted end of chapter exercises support students’ grasp of the more difficult concepts.
  • Integrated ethics coverage appears throughout the book.
  • Numerous examples provide context and real-world application of concepts.
  • Rich graphics reinforce key models.
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Second Edition
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Business Law , International Business Law
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