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Employment Discrimination: Procedure, Principles, and Practice, Third Edition

  • Joseph A. Seiner
Series / Aspen Casebook Series
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This streamlined, straightforward casebook offers a fresh perspective on employment discrimination law, presenting a procedural-based approach (lacking in other texts) with interactive materials. While still providing traditional coverage, this text emphasizes the importance of procedural issues in workplace cases. It includes a unique “best practices” chapter which discusses the most effective ways to address workplace discrimination, from both a theoretical and legal perspective. Numerous exercises and problems foster classroom discussion. Practice tips situate students in the role of a practicing lawyer. Modern, cutting-edge cases demonstrate the importance of employment discrimination law. Chapter-in-review sections, summary charts, and graphs are used throughout to further student comprehension. Text boxes within cases, historical notes, and news events effectively help bring the material to life.   

New to the 3rd Edition:  

  • Comprehensive treatment of the Supreme Court’s controversial and groundbreaking decision in Bostock v. Clayton County recognizing sexual orientation and transgender status as protected under Title VII’s employment discrimination provisions 
  • An examination of the rise of virtual work in the modern economy and the potential employment discrimination implications 
  • A look at how the pandemic has reconfigured the meaning of work in our society and the ways in which employment discrimination law may be impacted 
  • An examination of the contours of the ministerial exception in light of recent Supreme Court case law 
  • A more streamlined and accessible text 

Benefits for instructors and students: 

  • Focus on procedure (with theoretical underpinnings) to stimulate practical learning 
  • Comprehensive coverage, encompassing topics traditionally included in the course (statutory, regulatory, and administrative issues), but with a timely procedural focus integrated throughout  
  • Recent, topical cases which bring the issues to life for students and allow them to see how procedural issues are demonstrated in the employment discrimination context 
  • A unique chapter on best practices, which examines the proper training and complaint procedures that employers should have in place; explores policies and procedures for responding to employee reference requests; looks at emerging trends in the workplace, such as social media policies; and covers employee bullying 
  • Streamlined and straightforward presentation 
  • Interactive features (discussion problems, practice/procedural tips, class exercises, notes and questions, graphs/charts, etc.), to foster class discussion and student engagement 
  • Chapter-in-review
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Employment Discrimination
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