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Learning About the Law, Third Edition

  • Constantinos E. Scaros
Series / Aspen College Series
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Concise and readable, the student-friendly text; Learning About the Law, Third Edition is designed to give students an understandable introduction to the legal system.

Proven strengths include:

  • readable and easily understood text that introduces students to all the basic concepts of the law
  • designed to make concepts clear and accessible, piquing studentsand#8217; interest without confusing them with overwhelming vocabulary
  • uses helpful examples and analogies to make the law come to life
  • shorter book that can be used in a less comprehensive introductory course or be combined with other materials
  • the first half of the book discusses the American Legal System and the basics of briefing cases, legal writing, legal research, and litigation while the second half of the book introduces students to the building blocks of the law: contracts, torts, and criminal law with the final two chapters include helpful information on ethics and careers in the law
  • each chapter includes charts, illustrations, and photos, as well as key terms, review questions, and exercises

New to the Third Edition:

  • critical thinking questions added at the end of each chapter. These more in-depth questions challenge students to think about what they have learned
  • more exercises added to Contracts and Torts chapters
  • new section on Alternative Dispute Resolution in Chapter 5
  • section on Sources of American Law added to Chapter 1
  • new Supreme Court cases added to the Court Cases appendix

Learning About the Law, Third Edition gives students a broad-brush overview of the legal system that is readable and easily understood. The book affords them a basic introduction without overwhelming them at this early stage. Through the use of Scaros's text students will develop a firm foundation of in the basics of the law.





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Third Edition
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Introduction to Law
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