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Corporate Finance, Second Edition

  • Robert J. Rhee
Series / Aspen Casebook Series
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Corporate Finance provides coverage in a more concrete and problem-based approach than other books on the market. Robert J. Rhee distinguishes this casebook from other fine books in the field in four ways: This book is interdisciplinary in nature, providing essential coverage of the basic concepts of accounting and finance needed for a business lawyer to understand the economics of the transaction; this book facilitates ease of learning and teaching, avoiding excerpting technically dense academic writings in finance and economics, which can intimidate students and teachers; it provides a basic understanding of financial instruments to prepare students for corporate practice, including many examples of actual financial contract terms and other transactional documents taken from various sources; this book takes a business and transactional perspective, including several case studies, which give students the opportunity to analyze legal problems in the context of business transactions. 

New to the Second Edition:

  • Updates to the accounting materials in Chapter 1, including a presentation of the financial statements of Google (Alphabet) and Facebook (Meta Platforms).  
  • New Delaware appraisal cases that deal with the use of the discounted cash flow method of valuation.  
  • Revisions to Chapter 7, Debt Instruments, in light of new cases and materials on indentures and covenants.  
  • Additional materials on venture capital investments.  
  • Revisions to Chapter 9, Derivatives, to focus on plain vanilla put and call options.  
  • A new Chapter 10 (Structured Finance) has been added to discuss structured finance transactions and instruments with a focus on asset securitizations and credit derivatives.  

 Professors and students will benefit from: 

  • Clear coverage of accounting, finance, valuation, and transactional economics along with good coverage of the major categories of financial instruments (common stock, preferred stock, debt, convertible securities, and derivatives).  
  • By the end of the course, students will have a basic understanding of the business aspects of corporate financing and the legal features of the majority classes of financial instruments used in corporate financing.  
  • Materials on accounting, finance, valuation, and transactional economics are presented in a clear, accessible way.  
  • Editing and annotation of the case opinions facilitate ease of reading and learning. 
  • Case studies of actual transactions at the end of some chapters, which illustrate the real-world application of the use of various securities. 
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Corporate Finance
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