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Expert Testimony: A Guide for Expert Witnesses and the Lawyers Who Examine Them, Fourth Edition

  • Steven Lubet
  • Elizabeth I. Boals
Series / NITA
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Order two copies of this book: one for yourself and one for your expert witness. It will give experts the confidence they need to be comfortable in court, and give you the skills necessary to emphasize the credibility of your experts. You can avoid pitfalls such as unintentional signals, inappropriate demeanor and appearance, and awkward body language by using Expert Testimony: A Guide for Expert Witnesses and the Lawyers Who Examine Them as your guide.

In this newly revised Fourth Edition, Elizabeth Boals and Steve Lubet provide counsel on the development and presentation of expert testimony in the digital age, including discussion of visual aids and electronic discovery; analyze the Federal Rules of Evidence and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure; discuss the ethical rules governing expert retention and testimony; give examples of expert witness examinations and detailed discussion of techniques for coping with lawyer questioning; and provide checklists for quick reference.

The collaborative effort of Professors Lubet and Boals has resulted in a new edition worthwhile to both the expert witnesses and the lawyers who examine them.

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Fourth Edition
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