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New York Evidence with Objections, Fifth Edition

  • Lissa Griffin
  • Michael Mushlin
  • Jo Ann Harris
  • Anthony J. Bocchino
  • David A. Sonenshein
Series / NITA
Teaching Materials
New York presents a special challenge to attorneys, because its evidence law has not been codified into rules. NITA’s guide will help you to readily make and respond to objections trial objections. Use the thumb tabs to quickly locate the information you need. Each section provides the applicable New York case law and statutes (updated through 2017), an explanation giving the reason for the law, and the current understanding of it. This complete reference guide to New York evidence travels easily to the courtroom or classroom. NITA's handy guide enables you to quickly reference objections and responses during trial. Objections, followed by their accurate responses, are listed alphabetically with thumb tabs so that you can go right to the one you want. Gain insight from crucial practice tips and legal interpretations and access the rules when you need them most--this pocket-size guide is always at hand.
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Fifth Edition
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Spiral Bound
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