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The Effective Deposition: Techniques and Strategies That Work, Sixth Edition

  • Carl W. Chamberlin
Series / NITA
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In an era when most cases settle before trial, taking depositions is a crucial skill that every attorney must master. The Effective Deposition will prepare you to successfully take, defend, and use the deposition to its greatest advantage. Advocates and law students have long relied on The Effective Deposition to get essential know-how for the most critical step in discovery. 

Now in its sixth edition, The Effective Deposition is completely rewritten to reflect the latest deposition strategies, technological advances, changes in the laws of evidence and procedure, and the evolving nature of deposition-taking itself. This updated classic is a must for students and practitioners alike.

New to the Sixth Edition:
  • Remote depositions: advantages and disadvantages; a protocol for using them; tips for preparing, taking, and defending them; and the emerging law
  • Options for integrating the latest technology before and during the deposition
  • Latest legal trends and updates to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and Federal Rules of Evidence
  • End-of-chapter checklists summarizing the essential techniques and strategies of the chapter
  • New chapter on dealing with common witness behaviors (forgetful, know-nothing, evasive, vague, lying, or combative witnesses)
  • New chapter on preliminary matters to cover with the witness
  • Streamlined approach and options for using the Funnel Method to obtain information from the witness
  • Updated examples of deposition questions that implement the techniques and skills
  • Succinct discussion of ethics and privilege in witness preparation

Professors and students will benefit from:
  • Step-by-step coverage of the deposition process, including case analysis, substantive preparation and logistics, taking and defending the deposition, and using the deposition testimony in motions or at trial
  • Coverage of deposition basics for those who have taken few if any depositions, as well as advanced techniques and strategy options
  • Examples of questions that illustrate the skills and techniques of each chapter
  • Checklists that summarize the key points of the chapters dealing with skills and strategy
  • Access to videos demonstrating the most critical techniques and skills
  • The Funnel Method and other techniques for obtaining information in a deposition
  • The “one-concept, three rules” approach to witness preparation
  • Latest laws and practices for post-pandemic depositions
  • Real-world application of the legal rules in using exhibits, evidentiary foundations, objections and instructions, and dealing with opposing counsel
  • Extended coverage of Rule 30(b)(6), expert witnesses, and video and remote depositions
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