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Evidence in Context: A Trial Evidence Workbook, Sixth Edition

  • Robert P. Burns
  • Steven Lubet
  • Richard E. Moberly
Series / NITA
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Evidence in Context is the perfect book for transforming abstract knowledge of rules of evidence into a hands-on familiarity with how those rules work. Utilizing two fictional case files, Evidence in Context presents users with items similar to the material trial lawyers may have as they approach trial—documents, photos, web pages, text messages, and more.  

Both cases present engaging fact patterns as they introduce lawyers to the rigors of evidence rules. Both raise realistic and challenging issues in the law of evidence and allow for a critical assessment of that law. They are followed by over three hundred problems for class analysis and discussion. These problems address the full range of evidentiary issues. 

New to the Sixth Edition:

  • MacIntyre case file updated to reflect modern working situation
  • Text message evidence
  • Web page evidence
  • Updated problems that address these newer forms of evidence

Professors and students will benefit from:

  • The inclusion of both a criminal and a civil case file, providing opportunities for students to work as prosecutors, defense counsel, and plaintiff’s counsel 
  • Engaging fact patterns and evidentiary items 
  • More than 300 problems that guide students through multiple evidence scenarios
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Sixth Edition
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Evidence , Trial Practice
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