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Cranbrooke v. Intellex: Case File, Fourth Edition

  • Robert P. Burns
  • Steven Lubet
  • Terre Rushton
  • John T. Baker
  • James H. Seckinger
Series / NITA
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Intellex, an ambitious US video game company, comes into conflict with Cranbrooke, a traditional manufacturer of children’s games for the European market. Their dispute? The terms of a contract for Cranbrooke to license and manufacture Intellex’s newest virtual reality system. Cranbrooke claims that the new system is an improvement over the original system and therefore covered by the terms of the contract and that it has the exclusive right to distribute Intellex's virtual reality products in the European Union for at least five years. Intellex counters that the new system is no more an “improvement” than compact discs were merely an improvement on phonograph records and that Cranbrooke’s contract only provided a first right of refusal on innovative new products. At stake are distribution rights for the improved system throughout the European Union.

The fourth edition of Cranbrooke is a substantial update over previous versions. The Cranbrooke offices have been moved to fictional Brittania to avoid any Brexit conflicts. Exhibits have been updated to reflect modern business practices, including text messaging. Expert witness reports have been updated to reflect more realistic pricing. And the game system in dispute has been modernized.

This international contract case file provides the flexibility that you’ve been looking for. It comes in formats that can be used as a fact investigation file, a deposition file, or trial file on liability or damages or both. The Trial file contains all witness depositions and documents. The Deposition versions reflect the reality of deposition practice, when each party only has certain documents: the Plaintiff file contains materials only available to the plaintiff side to aid in prepping for depositions; the Defendant file contains materials only available to defendants; the Faculty file contains both the plaintiff and defendant material and is for instructor use. The plaintiff and defendant each have three witnesses, including accounting experts for each side.

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Fourth Edition
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