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Cranbrooke v. Intellex, International Arbitration Version: Claimant Materials, Third Edition

  • Robert P. Burns
  • Steven Lubet
  • Terre Rushton
  • John T. Baker
  • James H. Seckinger
Series / NITA
Teaching Materials
An international contractual dispute arises when Intellex, a U.S. manufacturer of video games, licenses another company to distribute its newly developed line of video-game products in possible violation of its contract with Cranbrooke, a British manufacturer and distributor of leisure products that had the exclusive right to distribute Intellex's video-game products in the European Union for at least five years. Designed to be tried on liability or damages or both, this file provides the flexibility and content you've been looking for. The plaintiff and defendant each have three witnesses, including accounting experts for each side.
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Third Edition
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Dispute Resolution
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