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Law of Intellectual Property, Fifth Edition

  • Craig Allen Nard
  • Michael J. Madison
  • Mark P. McKenna
Series / Aspen Casebook Series
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This comprehensive and practical book focuses on the core concepts of Intellectual Property. Its innovative pedagogy engages students with problems drawn from actual cases and provides them with introductions to cases and contextual summaries in the notes.

Patent: Up to date Federal Circuit and Supreme Court case law, including:
• Nautilus, Alice, Teva, Williamson, and Lexmark
• Detailed substantive comments following the principal cases
• More statistics and charts, particularly relating to USPTO decision-making and PTAB inter partes review
• Enhanced Patent Reform Perspectives (i.e., America Invents Act)

• Expanded coverage of contemporary developments in copyright law, with 13 new cases;
• Broader coverage of recent developments gives adopters greater flexibility in choosing materials within that structure.

• Updated to reflect recent Supreme Court decisions
• New materials on bars to registration, functionality, expressive use, and remedies

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Intellectual Property
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