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Wine in America: Law and Policy, Second Edition

  • Richard P. Mendelson
Series / Aspen Select Series
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Wine in America: Law and Policy, Second Edition, by Richard P. Mendelson deftly explains the federal, state, and local laws that govern wine production, taxation, labeling, advertising, marketing, distribution, and sales. The book explores the historical underpinnings of wine law, including Prohibition, tied house and trade practices, public health concerns, and Twenty-First Amendment jurisprudence as well as addressing intellectual property issues involving wine brands and appellations of origin, land use laws affecting rural wineries and urban bars, and international trade.   

New to the Second Edition:  

  • An analysis of the impact of climate change on wineries and vineyards 
  • An examination of whether we should regulate cannabis like alcohol 

Complementing a variety of courses, Wine in America: Law and Policy, features: 

  • Lucid explanations of the federal, state, and local laws governing wine production, taxation, labeling, and advertising, trade practices, and tied house, marketing, distribution, and sales 
  • Discussion of Twenty-First Amendment jurisprudence 
  • Coverage of intellectual property issues regarding wine brands and appellations of origin 
  • Matters of public health and social responsibility for wine industry members and wine consumers 
  • How to establish and operate a winery, including acquiring a winery or vineyard, buying grapes, leasing a vineyard, and related licensing and permitting 
  • An exploration of land use laws in California and other states affecting rural wineries and urban bars 
  • Descriptions of key international institutions and agreements that regulate the global wine industry 
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