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Empirical Methods in Law, Second Edition

  • Robert M. Lawless
  • Jennifer K. Robbennolt
  • Thomas S. Ulen
Series / Aspen Select Series
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Empirical Methods in Law brings the basic principles and concepts of social-science research to the desks of law students and lawyers who expect to work with data experts. Now available in a second edition, the updated text continues its focus on explaining basic principles and concepts in an intuitive style requiring no prior knowledge of math or statistics. The text also continues its emphasis on the importance of research design as well as statistical methods. Among the features of the second edition:

• Available in softcover and competitively priced, making the book accessible either as a principal course text or as a supplemental text
• A significantly streamlined book without loss of important content or topics from the first edition
• An extensive online set of resources: Teachers Manual, PowerPoint slides, problems, example datasets, bibliography, glossary of terms
• A detailed index that allows readers to quickly identify coverage of specific topics
• Broad perspectives from three authors from three different methodological traditions that results in a presentation of general best practices
• Generous use of examples from the legal world that show how empirical techniques are applied in a range of substantive legal areas
• Coverage of topics often overlooked in the research process such as data coding or communication of results
• Sidebars with in-depth treatment of specific topics

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Second Edition
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