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Criminological and Criminal Justice Research Methods, Second Edition

  • Wesley G. Jennings
  • Jennifer M. Reingle Gonzalez
Series / Aspen Criminal Justice Series
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This concise text introduces students to the fundamental methodologies of research in criminology and criminal justice, with an emphasis on the application of research methods directly relevant to the real world of criminal justice. By using storytelling that draws on actual field experiences to engage students’ interest, Criminological and Criminal Justice Research Methods, Second Edition takes a unique approach compared to other textbooks on the market. Regardless of students’ career goals, this text engages their interest while imparting current information on and approaches to the most important and useful criminological and criminal justice research methods.

New to the Second Edition:

  • Explanation of mixed-methods research
  • Presentation of propensity score matching
  • Discussion of the Philadelphia Birth Cohort Studies
  • Introduction of the terms “legacy rape” and “revised rape”
  • Updated discussion of computer-assisted personal (or programmed) interviewing (CAPI) and new discussion of Smart-Phone
  • Based Surveys or Ecological Momentary Assessments (EMAs)
  • Revised discussion of informed consent
  • Updated scholarly references throughout (reflecting the latest studies)
  • Greatly expanded presentation of types of qualitative studies

Professors and students will benefit from:

  • Text that engages students and makes material accessible through concise writing and structure
  • A comprehensive, carefully sequenced approach to understanding, evaluating, and conducting criminological and criminal justice research
  • Research methodology and skills that are made available and meaningful to those students intending to conduct their own research as well as to those seeking pragmatic, up-to-date knowledge of the developments in the field
  • Emphasis on ethical methods and use of research
  • An active exploration of the intersection of criminological theory and research methods
  • Coverage of methodological failures as well as successes to stimulate student discussion and understanding of the topic’s importance and nuances
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