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Immigration Law and Social Justice: 2020 Supplement

  • Bill Ong Hing
  • Kevin R. Johnson
  • Jennifer M. Chacon
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Intended for use with the authors’ casebook, Immigration Law and Social Justice (2018), Immigration Law and Social Justice, 2020 Case and Statutory Supplementcovers new federal cases, enforcement policies, and administrative decisions since the book’s publication. The 2020 Case and Statutory Supplement features:

Supreme Court cases:

  • Trump v. Hawaii (2018)—The third iteration of the President’s travel ban was deemed constitutional in that it included more than just Muslim-majority countries and there was consultation throughout the relevant administrative agencies.
  • Sessions v. Dimaya (2018)—The term “crime of violence” is impermissibly vague with relation to the aggravated felony ground of deportability.
  • Pereira v. Sessions (2018)—A defective Notice to Appear does not stop the clock in accumulating physical presence for purpose of cancellation of removal as a non-lawful permanent resident.

Federal court decisions:

  • Barbosa v. Barr (2019)—A conviction of robbery in the third degree under a particularOregon statute is not categorically a crime involving moral turpitude.
  • Ms. L, et al., v. ICE (2018)—The separation of migrant children from their parents at theborder violates due process and is not in the public interest.
  • County of Santa Clara v. Trump (2017)—The President’s executive order to withhold certain federal funds for so-called “sanctuary jurisdictions” violates the Tenth and Fifth Amendment rights of the cities and counties involved.

Additional Updates regarding administrative decisions and actions made between 2017 and 2019.

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