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Global Perspectives on Counterterrorism, Second Edition

  • Amos N. Guiora
Series / Aspen Elective Series
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Amos Guiora presents an interdisciplinary and global exploration of the law, policy, intelligence gathering, and operational decisions surrounding counter-terrorism initiatives. Case studies of seven different nations: India, Israel, Russia, Spain, the United States and now, China and Colombia and their efforts to repel terrorism within their borders provide numerous opportunities for comparative analysis. Issues to Consider present actual dilemmas and scenarios in each chapter that fuel class discussion.

The Second Edition extends its purview to China and Colombia in an ongoing effort to impart a broad perspective on the tactics and strategies used by different countries to combat counterterrorism.

An accessible and fascinating text, Global Perspectives on Counterterrorism, Second Edition, features:

  • a practical approach to thinking about a wide variety of issues, including interrogations, the proper forum for trying terrorists, judicial review, international law, intelligence gathering, and policy responses to terrorism
  • simulation exercises that put students in the role of policy and decision-makers

Rigorously updated, the revised Second Edition includes:

  • a new chapter on future hotspots of terrorism and the future of counterterrorism, with a focus on Mexico and Somalia
  • new cases, policy documents, and updated discussion of terrorism events around the world

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Second Edition
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National Security and Armed Conflict
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