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Software Law and Its Application, Third Edition

  • Robert Gomulkiewicz
Series / Aspen Select Series
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Robert Gomulkiewicz’s Software Law and Its Application, Third Edition covers the statutes, cases, and regulations that provide legal protection for computer software with a practice-focused approach.

Key Features:

  • Practice-focused, Gomulkiewicz covers real-world timely issues, including open-source software
  • Chapters begin with an overview to provide context and cover common scenarios, allowing students to learn by applying relevant texts as they would in law practice
  • Discussion questions and in-class exercises provide opportunities for students to “practice law” in the classroom setting as business and litigation lawyers
  • Lightly edited cases give students a case-reading experience closely approximating law practice and instructors relevant materials to draw on
  • Beyond cases, students work with licenses, NDAs, and other documents commonly used in the software industry

New to the Third Edition:

  • Updated cases, including the Supreme Court’s important Google LLC v. Oracle America, Inc. case
  • Updated materials on software patents
  • Updates on business model innovation
  • New references to background readings on the software industry

Professors and students will benefit from:

  • Learning how all forms of intellectual property apply in the software industry
  • Understanding the role that software licensing plays in technological and business model innovation
  • Considering business law and litigation scenarios commonly faced by lawyers in the software industry
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Third Edition
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Intellectual Property , Science, Technology, and the Law
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