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Animal Law: Welfare Interests and Rights, Third Edition

  • David S. Favre
Series / Aspen Coursebook Series
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Animal Law: Welfare Interests & Rights, Third Edition, by David Favre, exposes the student to the wide scope of legal and ethical issues surrounding animal law in our society. It contains a mix of cases and essay materials for a number of animal issues in the context of state police power, constitutional law, and traditional common law. A primary focus is the property status of animals in the civil and criminal law, the expanding visibility of dogs in our legal system, and the most recent attempts to seek legal rights for animals.

New to the Third Edition:

  • The introduction provides more focused materials on the fundamental concepts, such as pain and suffering, that are needed for the entire course.

  • The chapter on damages is rewritten with new organization and updated cases.

  • The chapter on legal rights for animals is significantly enhanced with the most recent cases.

  • In all chapters, references are updated.

Professors and students will benefit from:

  • Clear consideration of the history of anti-cruelty criminal laws and the difficulties of using the criminal law to help animals. The key phrase of “unnecessary pain and suffering” is considered in detail.

  • A clear articulation of the enhanced status of companion animals, within the ever-changing state laws of our country.

  • A review of the significant limitations of the federal Animal Welfare Act.

  • An explanation of the power of the state to pass laws regulating companions, laws dealing with breed specific bans, and dangerous dog laws.

  • An in-depth consideration of the status of companion animals both as property and as beings with legal rights in some circumstances.

  • Significant editing of all cases.

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