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Estates in Land and Future Interests: A Step-by-Step Guide, Sixth Edition

  • Linda H. Edwards
  • Courtney Cahill
Series / Aspen Coursebook Series
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Accessible and effective, Estates in Land and Future Interests: A Step-by-Step Guide is a user-friendly method for mastering a challenging area of property law. Courtney Cahill, professor of law at Florida State University, joins this edition and contributes sections on posthumously conceived children, defeasible estates, and alternative reproductive technologies. This Sixth Edition highlights and clarifies key technical concepts in each chapter that can be confusing to many students. Sections at the end of most chapters reiterate specific terms and concepts that are indispensable to a thorough mastery of estates in land and future interests. Clear introductions, a host of visual aids, and a process approach untangle and demystify every new term and transaction. Problem sets, study questions, and practice exercises—all available electronically for easy practice—actively engage students in learning estates in land and future interests, step by step.

Timely and innovative, Estates in Land and Future Interests features:

  • Includes coverage of the statutory and common law relevant to estates in land and future interests
  • Visual aids, text boxes, and smart teaching devices that illustrate and clarify estates in land and future interests—a potentially confounding topic within first year Property
  • A useful flow chart throughout the book that identifies the state of the title after a particular conveyance—to link estates to the future interests that follow them. (For easy reference, the complete chart appears on the inside back cover of the book.)
  • A process approach that describes transactions and analytical tasks as a sequence of manageable steps and stages
  • Lucid and succinct treatment, in a clean and uncluttered page design
  • Problem sets (with answers) and electronic practice exercises
  • Study Questions, with expanded explanations
  • A transparent organization that mirrors the coverage of estates and future interests in the leading property casebook
  • A Glossary of Terms in the appendix, for locating legal terms easily and quickly

New to the Sixth Edition:

  • Sections on posthumously conceived children
  • More information on defeasible estates
  • Alternative reproductive technologies and estate law
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