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Inside Adjudicative Criminal Procedure: What Matters and Why

  • Julian A. Cook
  • Alan A. Cook
Series / Inside Series
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Inside Adjudicative Criminal Procedure: What Matters and Why is ideal for students who take Adjudicative Criminal Procedure and criminal trial practice courses and clinics, as well as for students who are considering a career in criminal litigation. The book discusses all the topics that are typically discussed in the aforementioned courses, including bail, grand jury and prosecutorial decision-making, discovery, speedy trial, jury selection, trial by jury, right to counsel, double jeopardy, guilty pleas and plea bargaining, sentencing, and post-verdict trials and strategies.

Each chapter describes the most critical legal concepts, and contains succinct discussions of relevant case law and statutes. The material is presented in an organized, aesthetically pleasant format which facilitates student reading and comprehension. The book, whose authors are former federal and state prosecutors with extensive professional and academic experience in adjudicative criminal procedure, is a great study aid to supplement the principal text used in any of the aforementioned courses. The book can also be used as a principal text in practice-related courses.


  • Concise description of essential principles and pertinent cases and statutes.
  • Easy to understand content presentation.
  • Aesthetically pleasing format which facilitates student learning.
  • Summary of essential principles at the end of each chapter.
  • Connections section at the end of each chapter which link chapter topics with other chapters in the book.
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