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Conflict of Laws: Cases and Materials, Eighth Edition

  • R. Lea Brilmayer
  • Jack L. Goldsmith
  • Erin O'Hara O'Connor
  • Carlos Vázquez
Series / Aspen Casebook Series
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Written by leading Conflict of Laws scholars, Conflict of Laws: Cases and Materials, Eighth Edition, presents a balanced study of Conflict of Laws, otherwise known as Private International Law. The book begins with a discussion of traditional approaches to choice-of-law problems, both inter-state and international, followed by an examination of how modern courts and commentators have struggled to formulate new and better approaches. The remaining broad topics—constitutional limitations on choice of law, personal jurisdiction, conflicts in the federal system, recognition and enforcement of judgments, extraterritorial application of federal law, choice of legal regimes, and choice of law in complex litigation—are considered in light of the wisdom derived from consideration of the basic choice-of-law problems.

New to the Eighth Edition:

  • Addition of new co-author Carlos M. Vázquez, a leading scholar in Conflict of Laws as well as the adjacent fields of International Law and Foreign Relations Law
  • Expanded coverage of Conflict of Laws in the international context, with a focus on the increasingly important topic of extraterritorial application of federal law
  • New Supreme Court decisions on personal jurisdiction and constitutional limits on choice of law
  • Expanded coverage of choice of law in marriage and divorce
  • Discussion of draft Third Restatement of Conflict of Laws

Professors and students will benefit from:

  • A balance of historical and recent cases, with problems that test application of case precedents
  • A balance between theoretical and practical aspects of Conflict of Laws, with coverage of state law and comparative perspectives where appropriate
  • Focus on Choice of Law
  • Broader coverage of extraterritorial application of federal law than any leading Conflict of Laws casebook
  • Modern applications to internet disputes, complex litigation, party autonomy, and jurisdictional competition, among other cutting-edge topics
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Conflict of Laws
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