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Modern Real Estate Finance and Land Transfer: A Transactional Approach, Sixth Edition

  • Steven W. Bender
  • Celeste M. Hammond
  • Robert M. Zinman
Series / Aspen Select Series
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Modern Real Estate Finance and Land Transfer—sophisticated, yet teachable—explains the increasingly complex legal, business, and tax issues surrounding real estate transactions with discussion relevant to both commercial and residential situations. Through a transactional and interdisciplinary approach, students learn the general rules of law, their underlying rationale or policy, and how (or whether) a rule can be superseded by the mutual consent. Real-world examples help foster practical skills required of attorneys in real estate firms, and the text is appropriate for both a basic Real Estate Transactions or Finance course and also advanced seminars. Topical and chronological organization features coverage of both Real Estate Sales and Real Estate Finance and follows the lending cycle in modern financing. Questions and planning problems help students examine issues in the context of relevant transactions and documents for sale, finance, leasing, and development transactions. The authors are scholar-practitioners who skillfully mix practical skills and theory students will need in today’s competitive legal markets.

Key Features:

  • sophisticated, yet teachable—thoroughly explains complex legal, business, and tax issues in real estate transactions
  • transactional, interdisciplinary approach
    • teaches the general rules of law
    • shows underlying rationale or policy
    • explores how (or whether) a rule can be superseded by mutual consent
  • real-world examples and accessible explanations
  • topical and chronological organization
    • coverage of both Real Estate Sales and Real Estate Finance
    • follows lending cycle in modern real estate financing
  • appropriate for both basic Real Estate Transactions or Finance course and advanced seminars
  • relevant questions and planning problems
  • written by scholar-practitioners who blend practical skills with theory
  • suited to both commercial and residential real estate transactions

Thoroughly updated, the revised Sixth Edition presents changes in the law since 2013, including:

  • case law responses to the recent mortgage crisis in residential real estate including lender refusals to fund committed construction loans
  • new case law involving nonrecourse carve-outs
  • a new section and cases on recourse against and protection of the guarantor, and ethical issues in guarantor representation
  • new developments in bankruptcy law involving real estate transactions
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About the authors
Steven Bender

Steven W. Bender spent five years practicing real estate law at the Phoenix-based business law firm of Lewis and Roca. He is the coauthor of a casebook on real estate transactions, a national treatise on real estate financing, and a book on Latino stereotypes titled Greasers and Gringos: Latinos, Law, and the American Imagination (NYU Press 2003) and a book on politics titled One Night in America: Robert Kennedy, Cesar Chavez, and the Dream of Dignity (Paradigm Publishers 2008). Bender previously served as codirector of the law school#39;s Center for Law and Entrepreneurship.

Robert Zinman

Professor Zinman teaches courses in bankruptcy, property and real estate transactions. He is the Founder and first director of the St. John#39;s Master of Laws Program in Bankruptcy, the only such program in the nation. Professor Zinman has previously served as President and Chairman of the American Bankruptcy Institute, the largest organization of insolvency professionals in the world, with over 9000 members. Recently, the American Bankruptcy Institute named its scholar-in-residence program in his honor. Professor Zinman is a Fellow of the American College of Bankruptcy and a member of the American College of Real Estate Lawyers, where he served for three years as a Governor. He is a member of the Executive Committee of the Real Property Section of the New York State Bar Association and Co-Editor of the N.Y. Real Property Law Journal. He is a member of the American Law Institute. Professor Zinman previously served as a member of the Council of the Section of Real Property Probate and Trust Law of the American Bar Association; as Chair of the American Bar Association#39;s Ad Hoc Committee to Study the Federal Priority in Insolvency; as a member of the Joint Editorial Board for the Uniform Real Property Acts; as an Advisor for the Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act and the Restatement of Property, Third -- Mortgages; and as Chair of the Section of Post-Graduate Legal Education of the Association of American Law Schools. Author of numerous articles and a frequent speaker in the areas of real estate and bankruptcy, Professor Zinman is co-author (with professors Madison and Bender) of MODERN REAL ESTATE FINANCE AND LAND TRANSFER (2d ed. 1999). Professor Zinman joined the faculty in 1998 after serving at Metropolitan Life Insurance Company as Vice-President and Investment Counsel. While at MetLife, he served as Chairman of the life insurance industry#39;s bankruptcy legislation committee and participated in the drafting of the Bankruptcy Code and its amendments. He was Chairman of the Investment Section of the Association of Life Insurance Counsel. While practicing law, he was an Adjunct Professor at Fordham and New York University Schools of Law. At St. John#39;s, Professor Zinman is Co-Faculty Advisor for the AMERICAN BANKRUPTCY INSTITUTE LAW REVIEW, widely regarded as the preeminent bankruptcy scholarly journal, which is edited by the students at St. John#39;s; He is also faculty advisor for the Real Property Law Society; the Bankruptcy Law Society; and the Chief Judge Conrad B. Duberstein National Bankruptcy Moot Court Competition (hosted annually by St. John#39;s and the American Bankruptcy Institute). He teaches Property, Creditors#39; Rights, Bankruptcy Theory, Real Estate Workouts and Bankruptcy, Advanced Real Estate Transactions, and the Advanced Bankruptcy Research Seminar.

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