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White Collar Crime: Law, Procedure, Theory, and Practice

  • Michael L. Seigel
Series / Aspen Casebook Series
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As reflected in its title, this book provides concise yet comprehensive coverage of the most important issues arising out of modern day WCC, including in-depth examinations of (1) the most widely used WCC statutes and regulations; (2) the aspects of criminal procedure, such as the use of grand juries, that are particularly pertinent to the practice of WCC; (3) the sociology and psychology connected to White Collar Crime; and (4) practical considerations in the prosecution and defense of WCC. Features:
  • Distinguished authorship: Seigel, the author of many articles on Criminal Law and WCC, as well as a former organized crime prosecutor and First Assistant United States Attorney, prosecuted and supervised hundreds of WCC cases during his tenure with the federal government. He has testified twice before the United States Senate Judiciary Committee on WCC matters over the last four years
  • Unique introductory material, including journalistsand#8217; accounts of recent WCC scandals and sociological and psychological insights into WCC and WC criminals, starting with the famous speech during which Edwin H. Sutherland coined the phrase
  • Heavy emphasis on where the action is
    • Chapter on Bank Fraud: critical for understanding current DOJ emphasis resulting from fallout from 2008 economic crisis
    • One hundred page chapter devoted to Securities Fraud ever since ENRON, most major cases have been prosecuted under the securities law
    • Coverage of the impact of Sarbanes-Oxley and Dodd-Frank Acts on the economic regulatory system and their spillover into the criminal arena
    • Inclusion of materials related to battle over Honest Services Fraud.
  • Fresh and interesting cases; facts of cases are robust, helping students understand the complex business context in which sophisticated WCC takes place.
  • Carefully constructed questions fill in the gaps between cases.
  • "Test Your Understanding" distinctive approach of employing real case facts as well as hypothetical problems to challenge students and focus classroom discussion
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White Collar Crime
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