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Legal Writing and Analysis, Sixth Edition

  • Linda H. Edwards
  • Samantha A. Moppett
Series / Aspen Coursebook Series
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Linda H. Edward and Samantha A. Moppett’s Legal Writing and Analysis, Sixth Edition, is an essential guide for legal writing students.

The Sixth Edition of Legal Writing and Analysis provides a clear guide to developing legal writing and analysis skills for novice legal writers. In a sequence that mirrors legal practice, students learn to read and analyze the law; write the analysis of a legal issue; and compose office memos, e-memos, professional correspondence, and briefs. The book introduces students to various forms of legal reasoning including rule-based, analogical, policy-based, principle-based, custom-based, inferential, and narrative, complete with exercises.   

New to the Sixth Edition:

  • The discussion of e-memos has been expanded to reflect the changes in legal practice. 
  • The citation chapter has been updated to conform to the rules in the new editions of the ALWD Guide to Legal Citation and The Bluebook
  • Information about the proper use of texting in legal practice has been added to the chapter on professional correspondence. 
  • The chapter on writing style now includes a discussion of the proper use of they as a singular pronoun. 
  • Information about Native American tribes, the third sovereign entity in the United States, has been added. 

Professors and students will benefit from:

  • Down-to-earth and easy to understand presentation of first-year legal writing topics 
  • Complete coverage of objective writing, persuasive writing, and professional correspondence 
  • Clear explanations and concrete examples that support a range of learning styles 
  • Numerous exercises that offer opportunities to develop writing skills through practice 
  • Sample office memorandum, e-memo, professional correspondence, trial brief, and appellate brief conveniently located in the Appendices
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About the authors
Linda H. Edwards
William S. Boyd School of Law

Professor Edwards joined the William S. Boyd School of Law at the University of Nevada Las Vegas in July 2009 after serving as Visiting Professor of Law in 2008-2009. Before joining the academy, Professor Edwards practiced law for eleven years. She then began her teaching career at the New York University School of Law, where she served as the Coordinator of the NYU Lawyering Program. In 1990, Professor Edwards joined the faculty at the Mercer University School of Law, where she was the Macon Professor of Law. During her 19 years at Mercer, Professor Edwards directed the legal writing program and taught in the areas of property, employment discrimination, advanced legal writing, professional responsibility, and legal reasoning. Professor Edwards is a national leader in the field of legal writing, having been awarded the 2009 Thomas Blackwell Award for her lifetime achievements in and contributions to the field. She has published a number of articles and three books in the areas of legal writing and property, and she has served in a variety of capacities at the ABA and the American Association of Law Schools. Professor Edwards is a frequent speaker at national conferences, and she serves as a faculty member for the Persuasion Institute#39;s Advanced Training Program in Narrative Construction, which is sponsored by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts.

Samantha A. Moppett
Suffolk University Law School

Professor Moppett has been teaching legal research and writing since 1997. She began her teaching career at Suffolk University Law School. She joined the faculty at the Arizona State University College of Law in 1999, where she taught the first-year Legal Research and Writing course, Appellate Advocacy, Advanced Legal Writing, and Intensive Legal Research and Writing. In 2002, Professor Moppett returned to Suffolk, where she is the Associate Director of the nationally ranked Legal Practice Skills Program. Prior to teaching, Professor Moppett clerked for the Justices of the Superior Court of Massachusetts. Subsequently, she worked as a litigation associate in Boston, Massachusetts. Professor Moppett is actively involved in national legal writing organizations, having served in various roles, including being elected as Secretary of the Legal Writing Institute and as a member of the Executive Committee of the AALS Section on Legal Writing, Reasoning, and Research. Professor Moppett frequently presents at regional and national legal writing conferences, and her scholarship includes numerous articles on various topics, including legal writing, as well as a book on mindful lawyering.&

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