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Domestic Violence: Legal and Social Reality, Second Edition

  • D. Kelly Weisberg
Series / Aspen Select Series
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Domestic Violence: Legal and Social Reality, Second Edition is a domestic violence casebook featuring cases, statutes, notes, interdisciplinary materials, narratives, and problems. The text is illuminated by a particular sensitivity to the victim’s perspective as well as to issues of race, ethnicity, social class, and sexual orientation.

New to the Second Edition:

  • Most up-to-date treatment, including coverage of pending Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Reauthorization Act of 2018, federal guidance on campus sexual assault, reversal of federal policy on asylum, and national screening recommendations
  • Inclusion of new cases addressing same-sex intimate partner violence, federal firearms laws, tribal law, lethality assessment, and cyberstalking
  • Coverage of cutting-edge issues of revenge porn and role of domestic violence in mass shootings
  • New developments in child custody law, including the “safety-first” paradigm

Professors and students will benefit from:

  • Materials reflecting the social reality of intimate partner violence through human-interest narratives that complement the cases
  • Integration of interdisciplinary perspectives, including excerpts, notes, and questions emanating from history, literature, psychology, sociology, social work, criminology, and medicine
  • Analyses of current social science research to enhance student understanding
  • Focus on cutting-edge areas of law and often-ignored issues
  • Coverage of the full range of types of abuse
  • Presentation of a variety of problem exercises derived from actual cases and current events
  • Easy adaptation to shorter or longer courses
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