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Emanuel Law in a Flash for Future Interests, Sixth Edition

  • Steven L. Emanuel
Series / Emanuel Law in a Flash Series
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Every law student’s “must-have” for exam prep! Whether Future Interests is included as part of your Property course or is a course all its own, you will find that Future Interests questions are unlike any other questions in your study of law. Future Interests issues are not difficult to spot, but that doesn’t make them easier.  In fact, many law students find Future Interests questions to be among the most difficult on law school exams.   

Future Interests is heavily reliant on semantics, so a minor change in wording can result in the creation of entirely different interests. This edition will make those subtle differences easy to understand and remember.  

With Law in a Flash, you have the foundation to improve exam performance. Once you’re familiar with this content, you can face your exam with the confidence of knowing and understanding the key prin­ciples and issues that are normally tested on Future Interests.
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