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Emanuel Law in a Flash for Constitutional Law, Sixth Edition

  • Steven L. Emanuel
Series / Emanuel Law in a Flash Series
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Every law student’s “must-have” for exam prep!

If you’re like most law students, you will find Constitutional Law to be one of the more difficult courses. There’s a lot of reading, and predicting how the U.S. Supreme Court will rule in any given case is challenging, to say the least. Nonetheless, there are a limited number of general topics, issues, and rules.

This edition has been updated in 2023 to reflect the most recent changes to the law. It focuses on issues involving both federal and state government and issues involving individual rights. Topics include issues of federal jurisdiction, powers of Congress and the President, separation of powers, intergovernmental immunities, state power, individual rights, due process, equal protection, and First Amendment rights.

With Law in a Flash, you have the foundation to improve exam performance. Once you’re familiar with this content, you can face your exam with the confidence of knowing and understanding the key principles and issues that are normally tested in Constitutional Law.

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