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Ultimate Guide to the UBE (Uniform Bar Exam) Redesigned, Second Edition

  • Melissa Hale
  • Antonia Miceli
  • Tania N. Shah
Series / Bar Review Series
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Addressing the relative newness of the UBE, The Ultimate Guide to the UBE provides a detailed approach to the exam, utilizes real students’ past bar exam answers (including real bar exam scores), and includes commentary from expert contributors for added insight and perspective on how students can improve their own exam writing scores.

In the past decade the UBE has gone from being adopted by merely a few jurisdictions to over 40, including Massachusetts, New York, Illinois, and Texas, and soon Pennsylvania in July of 2022. This encompasses a large percentage of students taking the Bar Exam. It also means that many students, as well as bar prep professionals, have questions about the UBE. We seek to provide one guide that addresses everything anyone would want to know about the UBE, most importantly, how to prepare for it.

Melissa Hale, and Antonia (Toni) Miceli, and Tania Shah are experts in bar exam preparation, each having taught in the field for over a decade. As the UBE becomes more prevalent, we encounter more and more people with questions about how the UBE works and how best to prepare for each section of the UBE. This book is intended to be a “one-stop shop” for all things UBE!

Professors and students will benefit from:

  • Addressing the relative newness of the UBE, this guide provides a step-by-step process for tackling each section of the exam, utilizing real students’ past bar exam answers (including real bar exam scores), and employing expert contributors’ commentary for added perspective.
  • The straightforward approach of this book appeals to students, and includes: outlines, charts, easily digestible content, and good humor to engage students in material that might otherwise seem dry or overwhelming.
  • Above all, students want to see what an actual exam answer looks like, not just be told how to write the “perfect” (and mostly impossible) essay answer. In the Ultimate Guide to the UBE, students can see what real bar exam takers did under timed conditions. They can read expert commentary on real bar exam answers, and step into the shoes of a bar exam grader by critiquing real bar exam answers themselves. Students can see, firsthand, what separates a score of 1 from a score of 3 from a score of 6 out of 6, and learn how to push their own score up the grading scale.
  • Memorizing rules separate from the essay-writing process is not a winning strategy; practicing writing an essay while looking up the rules enables students to hone their analysis skills and learn the rules. The online appendices provide all the substantive law students need to complete the questions in this book, allowing students to focus on the skill development piece of bar review, rather than guessing the applicable rule.
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