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Problems and Materials on Consumer Law, Ninth Edition

  • Douglas J. Whaley
Series / Aspen Select Series
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Whaley and Nehf's Consumer Law, Ninth Edition is a concise, clear, and accessible problem-oriented casebook that takes students through the main issues of consumer law: deceptive practices, product quality, and consumer credit. The book employs a popular problems approach—enjoyed by professors and students for interesting fact patterns—which illustrates relevant issues and their resolution and helps put consumer law statutes and regulations into context. It covers the Federal Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act (regulating sale of vacation home land—not mentioned in any other book on this topic), and includes "Quotes for the Attorney’s Arsenal" (statements from famous cases eloquently encapsulate specific points).

New to the 9th Edition:

  • New co-author James Nehf (Indiana University, Robert H. McKinney School of Law)
  • Updated regulations on Odometer changes
  • New discussion of prepaid cards and accounts
  • New discussion of the Spokeo case limiting federal jurisdiction in consumer suits
  • Expanded discussion of consumer rights of military personnel and their families
  • Extended coverage and discussion of arbitration
  • New coverage of collection of time-barred debts
  • New coverage of email spam, online tracking and cybersecurity
  • New cases and updated citations throughout on many other topics

Professors and students will benefit from:

  • New focus on arbitration
  • Expanded coverage of contracting in cyberspace
  • Complete coverage of almost all consumer issues allows the professor to decide what are the most important matters to cover
  • Updated “Problems” that address contemporary issues
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About the authors
Douglas Whaley

Douglas Whaley is a Professor of Law Emeritus at The Ohio State University. He is the author of seven casebooks, all published by Aspen, three Gilbert#39;s Summaries of the Law, numerous law review articles, and one novel. He has received nine awards from three law schools for outstanding teaching. The columns he writes for this website are mostly adapted from his popular blog:

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