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Sustainable Corporations, First Edition

  • Alan R. Palmiter
Series / Aspen Coursebook Series
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Sustainable Corporations offers synthesized readings from law, management, philosophy, psychology, sociology, even biology – written by academics, journalists, business people, poets, bloggers, scientists, even religious leaders. The book focuses on the elusive “sustainable corporation” and is designed for an upper-level course sequenced after the basic Corporations course.

Features of this Edition:  
  • Unlike many law texts, the book is meant to be absorbed in a sequential swoop as the concepts build on each other.  
  • The book, developed over the course of 10 years, has been used by law students, MBA students, graduate sustainability students, even undergraduate students  – in both the US and Europe.  
  • The book can be used in a concentrated four-week course, an eight-week course, or a typical 14-week course.   
  • The book is meant to take professors and students on a journey from point A to point Z. It begins with a fresh look at U.S. corporate law, then moves to consider the US corporation’s unsustainable design, next describes the movement toward a focus on the Triple Bottom Line, then turns to proposals to redesign the corporation’s legal DNA, and finally offers a fundamental rethinking of the corporation.   
Professors and students will benefit from:
  • The book’s main feature is its sequential design: (1) basics of US corporate law; (2) the corporation’s unsustainable design; (3) the Triple Bottom Line (ESG) movement; (4) proposals to redesign the corporation; (5) a deep rethinking of the corporation.
  • Each chapter begins with a chapter overview, includes heavily edited readings from a variety of sources, features regular explanatory “break-out boxes, and offers end-of-chapter concluding thoughts (essays, poems, stories, fables, riddles).
  • The book has its own website that includes the following materials for use by students (also available in Casebook Connect): online lectures, recommended videos (TED talks, interviews, documentaries, etc.), suggested YouTube music videos (from Hendrix Star-Spangled Banner to Dolly Parton Working Nine to Five), student research papers.
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