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State v. Diamond, State v. Doyle: Case File, Sixth Edition

  • James H. Seckinger
Series / NITA
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Two persons—one man and one woman—are in an enclosed space and cannot be viewed below their shoulders; shots ring out; one person dies at the scene, the other person is charged with homicide. This case is designed to be tried twice: (1) once with the woman deceased—the man survives and is charged with homicide; (2) once with the man deceased—the woman survives and is charged with homicide. Mr. Diamond and Ms. Doyle had been in a relationship and living together for two months immediately prior to the shooting. Ms. Doyle was a waitress at the Truck Stop Cafe, and Mr. Diamond was a police officer and had just resigned from the Nita City Police Department. Mr. Diamond went to the Truck Stop Cafe to meet Ms. Doyle when she got off work at 6:00 a.m. He entered the cafe and sat in a booth. Ms. Doyle was sitting in a booth at the other side of the cafe talking with other waitresses. She did not speak to Mr. Diamond, and then at 6:30 a.m., Ms. Doyle got up and went to the entranceway of the cafe. Mr. Diamond followed her and they talked for a few minutes before two shots were fired. Was it murder, or an accident? This case file presents the same exact facts for both trials, with one exception: the gender of the defendant and the victim. Optimal use of this file is to try once as State v. Diamond and once as State v. Doyle. There are four witnesses for the State and three for the Defense. Exhibits include witness statements, police reports, medical reports, and gun diagrams.
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Sixth Edition
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