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Ahmed v. Buckner and Cooper & Stewart, LLC: Deposition File, Plaintiff's Materials, Third Edition

  • Anthony J. Bocchino
  • David A. Sonenshein
  • Deanne C. Siemer
Series / NITA
Teaching Materials

Kiya Ahmed had an affair with her married boss, Paul Buckner. After that relationship soured, Kiya was denied partnership at Cooper & Stewart, the accounting firm where she and Paul both worked. Kiya claims discrimination and retaliation caused the denial. The defendants say that her inconsistent job performance lead to their decision. Who is right? This well-balanced case file can be won by either party.

Ahmed v. Buckner is the new incarnation of the popular case file Polisi v. Clark. The defendant business is now an accounting firm, rather than a law firm. Updated exhibits include computer records, text messages, and emails, allowing lawyers to practice their skills in laying foundations. The deposition file has three witnesses for each side. The trial version includes two additional expert witnesses and their reports. Whether they are law students or practiced lawyers, this engaging case file will hone participants’ advocacy skills.

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Third Edition
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