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Defining and Acquiring Interests in Property, Third Edition

  • Bridget M. Fuselier
Series / Aspen Select Series
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Of all the first-year courses, property is often the one most dreaded by law students.  The goal of Defining and Acquiring Interests in Property is to make the course less intimidating and more enjoyable and engage students by providing an exciting learning experience.

In order to increase student engagement with this challenging material, the book encourages students to approach property law with an open mind and to recognize some things are very different from what they appear. 

The book focus on a few key goals:

  • Providing students with a new definition of property that encourages them to think of “property” in a different light
  • Outlining and describing the various forms of property interests that the law creates
  • Describing the impact these property interests have on others
  • Discussing the impact other laws and interests of society have on the property interests
  • Describing the means of acquiring these property interests

New to the Third Edition:


  • Updated Texas Property Code provisions for landlord tenant security deposits
  • New cases for covenants in the landlord tenant assignment/sublease context
  • New cases for notice of covenants and defining the forms of notice
  • New covenant of quiet enjoyment hypo involving protestors/trespassers at leased pasture land
  • Updated case for implied easement by necessity notes for scope of easements
  • Updated seller’s disclosure statute
  • New case on the shelter rule with recording statutes and priority
  • New bona fide purchaser/good faith creditor case and notes


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