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Persuasive Legal Writing: A Storytelling Approach, Second Edition

  • Camille Lamar Campbell
  • Olympia R. Duhart
Series / Aspen Coursebook Series
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Storytelling is recognized as a powerful tool in legal advocacy. With outstanding visual aids, examples, and sample documents,Persuasive Legal Writing: A Storytelling Approach, Second Edition, shows students how to use the techniques of storytelling to shape a legal argument into a cogent and compelling narrative.

Authors Camille Lamar Campbell and Olympia R. Duhart have designed every chapter and page to make narrative storytelling techniques the basis for any type of persuasive legal document. Students learn to create arguments that elevate their client's dilemma, demonstrating that the facts demand a decision in their client's favor. Detailed guidance to editing, revising, time management, and learning skills constitute a complete set of tools for budding legal writers. And within a narrative framework that highlights the intuitive nature of storytelling, familiar literary and cultural references build on students' own fund of knowledge.

Featured in the Second Edition

  • Thoughtful discussion of AI language models in tech-assisted legal writing
  • Cognitive Corner exercises, encouraging students to make important connections among topics and ideas
  • Testimonials from students, lawyers, and judges about applying specific legal writing skills
  • New and updated illustrations and examples that teach by showing
  • Updated sample documents throughout the text
Professors and students will benefit from:
  • An intuitive three-stage framework for processing, packaging, and revising legal writing
  • Integrated coverage of storytelling for every type of persuasive writing
  • Insights from real students, practicing lawyers, and judges about how they apply specific writing skills
  • A teach-by-showing approach
  • Practical advice for new legal writers
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